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Jun. 23rd, 2031 04:39 am
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How's my driving? Could it use some work? Tell me here!

Anon is on, comment screening is on and IP logging is off.
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to be added!
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[The feed turns on to show a completely, soaking wet Yuuri sitting on the beach surrounded by several Squirtles, Seels, Magikarps, and a Wailmer.]

What's going on?! I know that I fell asleep in my bed at the hotel in Violet, but when I woke up I was in the middle of the ocean. [He sighs, leaning up against a Lapras that's sitting next to him.] At least this guy was here to save me. [Yuuri's in the process of giving the Lapras a big smile when there's a loud Squirtle! from behind him. He jumps and looks around to find the source of the noise.]

Where did all of these pokémon come from?!
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[When the feed turns on Yuuri’s sitting under a tree, a Horsea next to him and a Teddiursa sitting in his lap.] So, I caught a few gym battles the other day and it looks like the leader only uses Flying type pokémon. Since I’m planning on taking them on sometime, what type does well against Flying?

[He pauses for a moment and his Teddiursa hops out of his lap and begins looking through the bag at his side.] Also, I was wondering… Is there anywhere nearby that sells clothes? I haven’t really looked at any of the stores in Violet City yet, but I’d still like to buy a change of clothes sometime. The ones I got don’t really suit me. [And at that moment, the Teddiursa pulls out that extra outfit and takes off. It takes a second for Yuuri to notice but when he does, all of the color drains from his face.]

Did you time that or something?! Get back here! [He gets up from his place under the tree and makes a mad dash for the pokémon, turning off the feed in the process.]
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[When the Gear turns on, for a few seconds all that can be seen is the sky. Then, a hand reaches over and into the view of the camera as someone picks up the Gear. It soon shifts over to point down at Yuuri, who is laying down on the grass, his Horsea lying next him.] It’s really hot out here. Is it always like this? I wish there was a swimming pool or something around here...

[He sighs and wipes a hand across his forehead.] Anyway, I was wondering… Where exactly am I? I mean I know what pokémon are but I can’t really be in that world, right? After all, it’s just a game. [He laughs a little.] This all has to be a dream or some elaborate prank. I mean, I get that this kind of thing happens in fiction a lot, but the possibility of it actually happening is really low.

So, well, what I’m trying to say is… How exactly do I wake up from this dream?
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